Annascaul Lake
Annascaul Lake

After our first night in Inch Beach one of the other fellow travelers recommended that we see Annascaul Lake. We were on our way to Dingle and she promised that it would only be a few minutes out of the way. Fortunately the route was well marked at each turn, because there was nobody on the road that got narrower and narrower. As it turns out it was about 30 minutes each way to get there and there. 

If you do decide to go, be aware, there is NOTHING else there. A long round trip to a lake.

I walked up the side of a hill (you can see our car down below) and too a full 360 of the lake


A view of the hill I was climbing

For non-panoramas look here:

The lake with another hill behind it


My wife took this one. She walked down the lane and looked back at the lake. I was up the road on the hill to the right