Bonane Heritage Park
Bonane Heritage Park

Bonane Heritage Park is located just off of the Ring of Kerry and is one of those little places showing you how people lived in the past. In this case the age of the Druids. It is not well marked and when you arrive there is a small parking area and then a gate and a building to pay. Of course, nobody was there, so paying was on the honor system. We DID pay and then started walking up the road. There are two ways to go, Druid’s Walk, or Fionn’s Hill. Thinking they took you to different places, and seeing nothing in the direction of Druid’s Walk, we opted for the Hill. Now the hill seemed to go on for miles and with the steep grade was exhausting by the time we reached the top. From there you could see the ruins they had uncovered. Turns out the either the mild Druid’s walk or Fionn’s Hill both came out at the same place. 

After walking around at the top, I met one of the locals and said that I wish you could drive up here, “You can, just open the gate!”. Sure enough cars started arriving at the top. My wife and I got separated on the hill and she made three trips up and down looking for me!

Climbing Fionn’s hill


For non-panoramas look here:

15-20 miles into the walk (ok, but it seemed like it)

From the top you get a sign that says “This way” and a smaller sign showing that way is the exit. Turns out it is both the exit and the entrance to the main display area. I goofed it up and went “The other way”

Great view of the valley

This is the main Druid dwelling, amazing isn’t it.

And if that was not amazing enough, there is a rock (known as a standing stone) here leaning on its side. It’s only about 2 feet tall.

Another Druid fort, glad they pointed it out, I would have missed it

This apparently is a rock with a hole in it, about 3 1/2 ft high (Bullaun Stone)

Oddly enough in the middle of the Druid settlement is a “Famine House” that was abandoned in the 1840’s

Another view of the famine house

This is inside the Druid fort, really glad they mentioned that

Main entrance, with a recreation of a hut of some type

Close up of the hut