Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher

I have to admit that the Cliffs of Moher were one of the places I was most looking forward too. I had tentatively planned to spend a few days there. While the cliffs go on for miles, the only part that is really accessible to the public is at the visitor center. We arrived early (they were no open enough to charge admission!) and we spent about 1/2 the day there. If you go I would recommend checking the weather everyday and arrive when it is good, beautiful place to see. We had actually planned to see this on the first day, but the weather was bad, so we went to the south and ended up seeing this about 1/2 way through the trip, which worked out great.

Walking past he visitor center you come to the edge of the cliff, it is protected by O’Brien’s wall (built in 1835). This is about 3 feet high and about 1 inch thick.

For non-panoramas look here:

There are a number of viewing areas with outdoor seating, it was a bit cold and windy, so not may people taking advantage of that when we were there.

Climbing the hill to O’brien’s Tower

First look at the tower, from here you think it is miles away and several hundred feet high

Detail of the cliff

Close to Obrien’s tower, in reality it is more like 25-30 feet high

Ocean view near the tower

As far as you can go near the top of the tower

Walking back down, looking at the tower again

Coming out of the visitor center you go to the right to get to the tower, and now we go to the left to get a wider view of the cliffs.

Nice shot of the tower and cliffs

My favorite shot of the cliffs

Good view showing the tower contrasting the cliff

Detail of one of the rocks below the tower, everything that is white is either birds or droppings

One last shot of the tower and cliffs, this is as far as you could go away from the tower. In reality the path on both sides goes no for miles, but they ask that you not trespass beyond these points.