For those of you that want to watch a movie about Ireland that shows the scenery, people, etc., I would recommend “Ryan’s Daughter” (1970 - Directed by David Lean - Dr. Shivago, Lawrence of Arabia, The Bridge on the River Kwai, etc.). This is a great 90 minute movie filmed in and around the Dingle Peninsula. The only problem that I had with the movie was that it was not 90 minute long, but 195 minutes long! BORING! Anyway, if you go to this part of Ireland, you can not help but see references to the movie. I was joking with one of the women at the tourist office in Dingle, she mentioned something abour Ryan’s Daughter was filmed in that area. I asked if the remake was going to to be filmed there as well? Remake, I had not heard about a remake. I told her that they wanted to make it a bit longer so they could fill in more of the story. When I told her that I was joking she seemed very relieved and said that she thought the original was plenty long as it was.

Anyway, Dingle is a beautiful area and has great ocean views. It seems that the wind wants to knock you over all the time! Just a note, there is Dingle the city and Dingle the Peninsula. For my purposes, everything from this area is put into Dingle. There are a few at the end heading out of Dingle that also found a home here.

Just outside of Dingle heading into town


For non-panoramas look here:

The town is right on the ocean and they have this odd sculpture of an anchor (?) right near the docks

Walking down to the docks

Back in town I started to make my way through the streets

and up some of the colorful roads

More of the street life

Heading toward the peninsula there is an area with ancient forts and dwellings

Everything costs €4-5 and even if there is nobody there they still have someone to take the money. The guy cutting on the grass was sitting around chatting with some other guys until we showed up and then he jumped up and started working on the grass. Don’t know how long he would have sat there if we had not come along.

Another one of the guys working on the lawn can be seen here. I tried to wait for him to get out of the way, but for the entire half hour we stayed he never moved, neither did the lawnmower. I’m sure he did not charge them for the time he was on the phone.

Fort within a fort. They said a lot of these were more to protect animals rather than defend from invaders

As you can see, they liked to build them right up against the cliff. Smart people those Druids to build a fence

View of the cliffs from the fort

Walking back up the hill, looking back it gave you a good idea of the approach to the fort

A little further up the road, if you had no idea you would not realize the fort was just at the bottom of the hill.

Almost across the street was another fort, this one had the famous beehive huts, of course this is another €4-5

Looking back down the hill from the beehive huts. Hard to believe that people lived here at one time.

Inside a hut looking up

View from inside of one of the enclosures. Amazing to see how carefully the rocks are stacked to form a wall

Back on the road. This is near the they filmed Ryan’s Daughter

This is the road were they filmed the gun running scene from the movie. You can take the road all the way to the water, but then you are literally on the sand

Another view of the Slea Head area

This is actually a stone church. It only holds 7-8 people and was in use for a thousand years. Wonder if they charged them €6 to get in back then?

Closeup of the church

Inside there is a single window on the wall opposite of the door

Looking back out the entrance

Guess you would really not call this Dingle Peninsula, it is leaving the area as we made our way north to the Cliffs of Moher