Dunguaire Castle
Dunguaire Castle

To me Dunguaire Castle will be associated with hubcaps. Driving on the opposite side of the road is always an interesting adventure and then getting on to the narrow little roads makes it more fun (challenge). So, as we were driving along I hit a curb fairly hard trying to navigate through town. After doing that a second time my wife noticed the hubcap fly off the car and roll down the road! Trying to find a place to stop and see if we had any other damage we came upon this castle. We pulled into the parking lot, checked the tires and then made 2-3 passes through town before we found OUR hubcap. I say OUR hubcap because it turned out that there was a pile of dead hubcaps all in the same spot. Seems there is an underground industry in Ireland based on using that one corner of the road to capture hubcaps from unsuspecting tourists! Since the car rental company was going to charge us for losing the hubcap, I was glad we managed to recover it. 

So, Dunguaire Castle. The parking lot that we had used was for the castle, we had no idea exactly where we were, what castle this was, etc. It was just a pretty castle on the road to Galway. It was closed but you could walk around the outside so we did and took these pictures. After we got back home I went and zoomed in with Google Earth and guess what? I found the castle! I must admit though I was a little disappointed that from the satellite shot you could not see the hubcaps. (Actually you could not even see the castle, but some users had placed pictures of the castle on Google Earth and I was able to label it from there.

According to legend, if you stand at the front gate and ask a question you will have your answer by the end of the day. Since we had already found the hubcap, there was nothing left to ask. 

For non-panoramas look here:

They say this is the most photographed castle in Ireland. It is remarkably well restored, but have no idea what makes IT the most photographed, on the other hand, I am adding to the legend :-)