Hill of Tara
Hill of Tara

After having gone to the Hill of Slane, I’m not sure what I was expecting, but what we got was OLD. The Hill of Tara was was constructed about 4,500 years ago compared to about 600 years for the structures on the Hill of Slane. This is from the Celtic age and the remains are mostly hills with a few stone carvings. A better preserved (or restored) example is at Newgrange. This did provide commanding views of the surrounding countryside even if I did slip 2-3 times in the wet grass trying to climb one of the hills.

I think this was the hill that was used to model “slip and slide”. This picture was taken from the top, so you can not tell, but it was slick and wet and there was numerous people making attempts to summit the hill. I still think my camera bag has some Irish dirt on it.


For non-panoramas look here:

On the right is an ancient stone carving, next to it is a headstone from 1798 (the back side has a marking from about 1930) and just to the left, a street light. All they need now is a street.

If you look at aerial shots of this hill (link at the top of the page) you will see patterns in the top of the hill. From the ground it looked like random patterns from a giant earth mover.

On the back side of one of the hills was a little tomb (they say that 200 cremations were found on the hill). There is a gate in front of the tomb, so I stuck my camera through to take the picture. You can see some of the carvings on the left and in the back....Is this Irish green?