Inch Beach
Inch Beach

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To me Inch Beach was amazing. On our third night we stopped in Kenmare and in the morning the hostess asked where we were headed. We told her that we were headed to Dingle and she suggested that we stop and take a look at Inch. This is a beautiful three mile stretch of sand just outside of Dingle. I did not think much more of it, but we drove on and got to Inch just before sunset. As you can see from the shots the sky’s were amazing and we had a spectacular sunset and then 30 minutes later all of the clouds were gone! Amazing! We decided to stop and have dinner and find a place for the night. The only place around to eat was Sammy’s right on the beach. Turns out that Sammy and his wife Iris also own a B & B just a mile down the road. This was our favorite spot on the coast and the only place in the entire trip that we stayed for more than one night. 

If you make it to Inch, tell Sammy and Iris we said “Hi!”

Our home for the night. An amazing view of the bay from the large common room (far left). To the right is the breakfast area that also has great views.

I was mesmerized by the sky. It was so filled with clouds it seemed like it would never end

I took hundreds of pictures to be able to get just these few that I’m showing here

Dingle is off somewhere to the right.

My favorite shot from Ireland. Just a perfect sunset. 30 minutes later, not a single cloud.