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Moving around in a HD View image is easy and fairly intuitive. Just click on the screen and drag you mouse in the direction you would like to view. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out, or just double click on the image to zoom in. You can also use the +/- keys to zoom. 

The upper right corner of the screen includes a tool bar that will help maneuver in the image

The hand icon is used to move within the image. For faster movement click on the hand to switch to velocity mode

The tone icon comes in three flavors and adjusts the image quality. 

Normal/Fisheye changes the perspective of the image. This can result in some very unusual image displays. 

All of the images on this site are best viewed in the “normal” setting.

To get the “full” effect, use the full screen icon. This will allow you to view the image without any distractions from your browser.

The home icon returns to the display of the image when it was opened.

The Zoom icons allow another option to magnify the image

hand velocity
tone2 tone3
normal fisheye