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6/21/09 - Continuing to update Ireland

Ireland - Adare - Dingle now available!

So, I have been busy with other things, but still am taking lots of pictures. I will try to post again on a regular basis. Right now I am uploading the shots from Ireland that I took this year. I have a total of 198 panoramas that I created from a total of more than 4,700 pictures! I am moving to a new technology to display them (HD View) that makes opening the image faster and I think has a better interface than Quicktime. All of the images have been posted, I am still building the links to make links and will try to post regularly (so check back) until I have all 198 (total of 1.2 Gb of images!) linked. 

A total of 597 when all the links are made!

4/5/08 - New style

I decided to replace the “generic” banner that I had been using with one of my Panoramas. I think it turned out really well. I also replaced all of the menu and navigation options. 

More new pictures soon!

2/29/08 - Lots of stuff this month. 

Major changes to the site. 
A NEW WEBSITE! Travelingshots is devoted to non-panorama photography. Lots more over there. Starting off with 84 pictures of its own!

1. We have added a forums area to allow visitors to comment on the images, or just ask questions. 

2. You can now contact us or subscribe to the newsletter by clicking on the provided forms.

And finally, pictures! The beautiful city of San Luis Obispo, proud to be the heart of SLO county. This continues some of the California missions as well as a look along the river. Don’t miss the “gum” wall! 19 more images for a total of 369!


1/23/08 - No images this time. New website provide, entire site uploaded and tested on new hosting service.

11/27/07 - Back to California. Some of these pictures have been waiting more than a year. These were taking during Thanksgiving and Christmas 2006. Right now my back log is probably close to a year long. As you can tell I add them when I feel like it. Sometimes a set of images gets loaded right away, sometimes, like these, it can take a while. I still have some that are 3-4 years old and never posted!. 25 more images for a total of 350, (not I did not plan it that way).

10/28/07 - Adding the first new state in a while. This time the start of a set from Hawaii. This is going down the Hana Highway on Maui, just an amazing drive that we took during a recent cruise of the islands. 22 more images for a total of 325.

9/28/07 - Two from California. Very different places, but so close together. Both of these are just a few minutes apart walking! The first is Solvang, a Danish community in Southern California, near Michael Jackson’s ranch. The other is a mission built in 1804 by the Spanish. 17 more images for a total of 303, crossing the 300 mark!

8/26/07 - First a visit to Gaviota, a tiny spot along the California Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Then out of the country to Honduras with a visit to Roatan island. And finally the Southfork Ranch, (sorry only one picture) from the set of “Dallas”. 17 more images for a total of 286

On a side note, four of my photo’s were entered in the Ventura County Fair. This is the first time I have ever entered any photo contest. A Second and Third place ribbon (plus cash prize) were awarded for two of them! Click on the links to view the winners!

7/29/07 - Two more from California and Texas. This time we visit Cayucos again and focus on the pier. Then it’s off to Cambria to see where my wife and I were married. Down to Texas to see the Mustangs of Los Colinas and finally the stockyards at Fort Worth. 15 more images for a total of 269

6/30/07 - Going back in time. Both of these were taken on the same day just a 1/4 of a mile apart. For those of you that don’t think that Houston has a port, you need to explain what the USS Texas is doing here! 20 more images for a total of 254

5/30/07 - Just one set this time, All from Big Sur. This marks the first use of a vertical panorama. I have many more like this, from many locations. Perhaps I will eventually update existing pages with some of the verticals. All of these are from a Gem And Mineral society trip (see the 3/22/07 update for another trip). Fourteen more images for a total of 234.

4/30/07 - Fifteen More for a total of 220! This time a bit of odd’s and ends. Prior to using the tripod, all of my shots were hand held. This month I start to show some of those. While it may not be noticeable in the final results, the time to process is immense. A standard Panorama on a tripod takes 5-10 minutes depending on how many errors need fixing. One without the tripod can take an hour! This time I focused mostly on Belize, but added in a few others that I only had 1-2 images. All of them except the Poppie Fields are hand held. 

3/22/07 - Twenty Nine More images now for a total of 205! We have crossed the 200 barrier! This time there are two sets of images from a trip we made in February of 2007. This was to an area new Julian California in the desert just outside of San Diego. Take a look at the ones from Fonts Point in the Anza Borrego set for stunning sunsets! The Thursday Mine is a mine that we went with the Oxnard Gem and Mineral Group (as well as other groups) See the Sequoia National Forest for other another “rock” expedition

2/24/07 - Two new states added and 24 new images. Total of 176. US State map and state flags added for navigation and visual interest. Of particular interest (to me) is the ones from Dealey Plaza. I used Photo Shop to remove people from one of the images. Take a look at the completed image first and then look at the “before” image. Here is a quick link to the new pages:

1/22/07 - First major update of images 62 new images loaded. Total available 152. Here are quick links to the new pages:

12/31/06 - All images have been updated with new code to show full screen. This should help improve the user experience.

Ireland Images currently linked: